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Career After Hsc

Career After Hsc
Career in It
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Career in MBA

Planning one's career is not an easy task, especially after HSC when the competition is so stiff. This period in your life is characterised by an overdose of career information and high parent expectations. Children are faced with a formidable task of choosing careers based on academics, personality and desires. It becomes more difficult when there is a mismatch in any of these attributes.

Research says that a person is happiest when they choose jobs that they love. Before making a career choice, take the time to understand yourself, your likes and preferences. Talk to a few people in the industry to get an insight of career. Take up an apprentice in your field of interest to understand if it suits your personality.

To meet global demands, many newer careers have opened up opportunities for young adults to follow their dreams. The options mentioned below are comprehensive but not exhaustive. Many more options are available but you need to have the courage to follow your instinct. This article is divided into 2 parts. One is choosing a career based on talent and the other on Education.


There are various courses available in the market if you want to pursue your talent as a career. These careers are often called offbeat careers, as people really need to make a conscious effort to follow these types of careers.

Here mentioned below are a few lucrative careers worth following for the love of it.

1. Pet Grooming: More and more people nowadays are keeping pets as companions and are willing to spend huge amounts on them. If you are an animal lover, you don't need to be a VET and go through the long process of studying Veterinary Science. Get yourself trained in the art of pet grooming and you can do wonders for your career.

2. Hairstyling: Hair dressing is a career, which allows you to showcase your creativity and to have fun, to earn name, fame and good money. If you are good at your job, the word will easily spread around making it a lucrative career for you. Courses in Hairstyling and beauty care are easily available in the market.

3. Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is the use of aroma to detoxify the individual physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you have a good sense of smell and good with your hands, this is another career worth considering.

4. Tarot Reading: Tarot is all about tapping one's intuitive powers. The more intuitive you are, the better your interpretations will be. Tarot reading off late has caught the fancy of many. If you have an intuitive ability this field can be a gold mine for you.

5. Video Jockey: If you have a good personality and a wacky sense of humour, Video Jockeying might just be for you. Students with backgrounds in journalism, mass communication and performing arts are likely to enjoy a head start in a career as a Video jockey. Your main responsibility will be to keep millions of viewers glued to the channel.

6. Reiki Practitioner: This ancient healing system is a technique used for self-healing and also healing others using the infinite universal energy. You can work as consultants with corporates or the hospitality industry or set up your private practice. Even medical science is using combination of reiki and medicine to treat ailments.

7. Make-up Artist: There is no career path or hierarchy in this field. You have to slog your way up the ladder. You have build up your own network as most of the assignments are procured through word-of-mouth. You don't need any academic qualifications to be a makeup artist just a good eye for colours.

8. Cosmetologist: The first and foremost requirement for this line of work is an eye for beauty. You need to be abreast with the latest in beauty products, techniques and styles. There are many private vocational schools offer classes in cosmetology. Full-time programmes in cosmetology usually last 10 to 24 months.

9. Chef: To become a chef one can go in for courses in food processing, catering technology and any other relevant course. To become a chef one can go in for courses in food processing, catering technology and any other relevant course.

10. Actor: As an actor you will have a wide canvas to work on. You could do theatre, stage, television or movies. To be a successful actor you need a good amount of stamina to work round the clock. Then of course there are the riding lessons, fighting lessons, diction classess and most importantly - dance classes to take care of. ). What you basically need here is talent and a love for acting.

11. Choreographer: As a choreographer you'll create and organise dance sequences in cinema, music videos, stage shows, drama, theatre, and even in private gatherings. Each choreographer has his/her own style. Your creativity lies in your ability to mix various dance forms.

12. Model: There are various types of Modelling:

Fashion modelling: Includes fashion shoots for magazines; mail order catalogues and live shows for reputed fashion houses.
Editorial/Print Modelling: This refers to photography for magazines, including covers. This work offers a lot of exposure to first time models.
Catalogue Modelling: Models are hired to appear in catalogues like Otto Burlington to sell clothes/everyday products. Requirements are flexible.
Commercial Print Modelling: Models are photographed to promote a product on billboards, buses, magazines and newspapers.
Runway (Ramp) Modelling: For all you catty types. You must look comfortable and make even the dullest outfit look attractive to the audience

13. Music: If you have a ear for music, this could be a lucrative career but you have to constantly better your best, for you're only as good as your last performance. You lend your voice for film songs, sing ad jingles, teach music in schools and colleges or travel along with a band. A goodand easy platform would be to participate in the various TV anchor shows like Indian Idol or Sa Re Ga Ma.

14. Mehendi Artist: Creativity is the most important aspect of this job. You need to look at a person's hands and decide what patterns would suit her/him. You constantly need to innovate and keep coming up with new and unique designs. You need to have steady hands.

15. Artist: Fine art includes drawing, painting and sculpting. You must be able to express a specific and unique vision through painting, sculpture, drawing, or mixed media.

You will survive using a talent as career only if you believe in the power of your dreams. To believe in the power of your dreams- remember the 4P's - Purpose, Passion, Possibilities and Power. Have a purpose in life, and a dream will follow, dream this dream with passion in your heart and possibilities will open for you. Choose today to start believing in the magical power of wishing, hoping and dreaming.


This option is open to those who wish to study further in a particular field of interest which later on open a galaxy of opportunities.

Courses and subsequent career options after HSC in any stream

This option is open to those who wish to study further in a particular field of interest which later on open a galaxy of opportunities. Mentioned below are the courses you can pursue after HSC and the subsequent career opportunities available.

1. General Arts/ B. Com courses:
Arts Course:

Subjects include History, Economics, Political Sc., Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Education, Mathematics, Statistics, Philosophy, Linguistics, Rural Development, Acturial Science, Economics with Public Finance & Trade, etc.

Bcom Course:

One can specialize in Financial Accounting & Auditing, Auditing & Cost Accounting, Banking & Finance, Acturial Science, Company Secretarial Practice, Business Management, Foreign Trade Practice & Procedures, etc.

Careers after studies in Arts:

Based on the subjects taken, you can pursue a career in Actuary, Anthropologist, Archeologist, Economist, Educationist, Geographer, Historian, Linguistic, Mathematician, Philosopher, Political Scientist, Population Scientist, Psychologist, Rural Development professional, Sociologist, Statistician, etc.

Careers after studies in Commerce:

Accountant, Banker, Actuary, Business Manager, Export professional, etc

2. Graduate courses in various vocational subjects:
Commerce: One can take applied component subjects like Advertising, Company Secretaryship, Computer Programming, Economic Systems, Export Marketing, Market Research, Computer Systems & Applications, Direct and Indirect Taxation, Entrepreneurship, Foreign Trade Financing & Procedures, Investment Analysis & Organization, Portfolio Management, etc.

Arts: One can take applied component subjects like Social Work, Mass Communication, Journalism, Investment Analysis, Population Studies, Travel & Tourism, Food, Nutrition, & Dietetics, Health Psychology, Book Keeping, Planning & Developmental Studies, Secretarial Practice, etc.

Common: Mass Media,Management Studies, Computer Applications, Information Technology, Physical Education etc.

Other courses (not available in Mumbai University):
Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Sales Management, Bank Management, Business Administration/Management, Business Finance, Communication & Journalism, Computer Application, Corporate Secretaryship, Film Studies, Mental Retardation, Corporate Secretaryship

Careers after vocational subjects:

Advertising professional, Business Manager, Computer Programmer, Dietician, Export professional, Film Journalist, Financial Accountant, IT professional, Journalist,
Private Secretary, Sales Executive, Social Worker, Television Producer, Travel & Tourism professional

3) Various other specialized Graduate courses:

Law, Visual Communication Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts (Applied Arts, Sculptures, Painting, Art & Craft (Ceramics, Interior Decoration, Textile Design, or Metal work), Performing Arts (Music, Instrumental Music, Dance, Drama), Exhibition Design, Textile Design, Apparel Design, Hotel Management, Leather Design, Accessories Design, etc.


Accessories Designer, Animator, Artist, Ceramic Designer, Exhibition Designer,
Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Hotel Manager, Lawyer, Leather Designer, Music Teacher, Sculptor, Textile Designer

4) Various Diploma & Certificate courses:
Multimedia Design (Graphic Design, Animation design, etc.), Jewellery Design, Interior Design, Apparel Production, Leather Goods Manufacturing, Video Programming, Bakery & Confectionery, Modern Office Practice, Fashion Design and Garment Manufacturing Technology, Jewellery Design & Manufacturing, Diploma in Furniture Design with CAD (Computer Aided Design), Diploma in Web page Designing, Apparel Production Supervisor & Quality Controller course, Apparel Production Finishing & Packing supervisor, Pattern Cutting & Master course in Apparel production, Gemnology, Trade Diploma in Canning & Food Preservation, Trade Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery, etc.
Apparel Production Supervisor, Hotel professional, Interior Designer, Jewellery Designer, Leather Designer, Multimedia Technologist, Private Secretary, Video Photographer, Web Developer
5) Jobs & competitive examinations
Government of India Staff Selection Commission for a job as an Assistant in Government of India offices, NDA (For entry into Indian Army)
Clerk, Army Officer
6) Various professional certification programs:
Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Cost & Works Accountant


Options after Higher Secondary in Science stream (with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)

1) General B. Sc. courses:

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geology, Statistics, Biochemistry, Economics, Computer Science, etc.

2) Graduate courses in vocational subjects:

One can take applied component subjects like Biotechnology (must have Biology as a subject in HSC), Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronic Instrumentation, Industrial Chemistry, Instrumentation, Drugs & Dyes, Computer Programming, Operations Research, Environmental Science, Heavy & Fine Chemicals, etc.

3) Degree/Diploma in Engineering and Technology

Aeronautical, Aerospace, Architecture, Applied Mechanics, Automobile, Biochemical, Biomedical, Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering/Industrial Biotechnology (one needs to have Biology as one of the subjects also), Ceramic, Chemical Technology, Civil, Computer, Construction, Dairy, Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telecommunication, Electronics, Energy, Engineering Technology, Environmental, Food, Industrial, Instrumentation, Irrigation, Leather, Manufacturing Science & Engineering, Marine, Materials Science, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Mining, Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture, Petrochemical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Power, Printing, Production, Pulp & Paper, Telecommunication, Textile, etc.

4) Various other specialized Graduate & Integrated Master's courses:
Planning, Industrial Design, Communication Design, Nautical Science, Bachelor of Statistics, B. Sc.-B. Ed., Prosthesis & Orthosis, Integrated M. Sc. courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, MBA, MCA, etc.

5) Various Diploma & Certificate courses:

Electrochemical Tech, Foundry & Forge Technology, Leather/Footwear Tech, Paint & Varnish Tech, Architectural Draughtsmanship, Pharmacy (must have Biology in HSC), Rolling/Steel Making Technology, Product Design Engineering, Pharmacy (must have Biology as a subject) etc.

6) Jobs & Competitive Examinations:

NDA for entry into India Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force, Merchant Navy, Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy, Special Class Railway Apprenticeship Exam, etc.

7) Various professional certification programs:

Commercial Pilot Training, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Fire Sub-officer's course, etc.


Options after HSC in Science stream (with Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

1) General Science Courses:

Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Life Sc., Biochemistry, etc. Other courses like Human Biology, Physiology, Anatomy, etc.

2) Graduate courses in Vocational subjects:

One can take applied component subjects like Biotechnology, Horticulture, Marine Science, Environmental Science, Food Production, Preservation, & Post Harvest Tech, Fishery Biology, etc.
Other courses like Industrial Biochemistry, Applied Nutrition, Health Information Administration, Genetics, etc.

3) Medical and Paramedical Science courses:

MBBS, BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, BDS, Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Respiratory Therapy Tech, Prosthesis & Orthosis, Audiology & Speech Therapy, etc.

4) Various Specialized Graduate & Integrated Master's courses:

Agricultural Science, Horticulture, Sericulture, Fishery Science, Forestry, etc. and Integrated Master degree courses like M. Sc. in Plant Science, B. Sc. –B. Ed courses, etc.

5) Allied Health Science courses (all are graduate courses):

Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing, etc.

6) Various Diploma courses:

Medical Laboratory Technology, Opthalmic Technician, etc.

7) Home Science & related courses:

Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Home Science, Food Science & Nutrition, Family Resource Management, Clothing & Textile, Extension & Education, Human Development, etc.

Did you visualize yourself in any one or more of the careers? Or Did you hear yourself"Y say ES" that's what I want to do? . Then what's stopping you. Get up & get going... It's one thing to dream what you want to do and quite another to fulfill it. Get the necessary information by scanning the net or drop in at Youngbuzz for a career councelling session.

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